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Nu Day Trucking - refrigerated trucks
What should I know about refrigerated freight?
The type of refrigerated transport your trucking company will choose for delivering your product to its destination is based on the needs of your specific product. Generally, refrigerated freight is divided into one of two categories: frozen or chilled. If your product is frozen, refrigeration trucks can monitor the temperature of the sensitive cargo cross country through all types of outdoor weather situations during all seasons. If your product needs to remain chilled at a particular temperature, the refrigeration unit on each truck can be adjusted to maintain the optimum amount of degrees to that constant precise temperature while in transit. Nu Day Transport is a specialist when it comes to refrigerated trucking and will match your product with the correct transport.
Dry Van
Nu Day Trucking - dry van service
Are all dry goods freight companies the same?
Not necessarily. Some important factors that you should consider besides just cost are: Do they have the necessary insurance required? Do they have a record of "on-time" delivery? Have their drivers passed regularly required drug tests? Are they choosing the shortest routes to get your product there in a timely manner? Nu Day Transport serves all dry van capabilities all across the United States. All carriers are screened for safety compliance and for proven on-time delivery performance. If you need a truck today or weeks from now, we have a network of relationships in place to execute an on-time plan effectively. Our objective is to get your freight to its destination in the fastest, safest and most cost effective way possible and oversee the process for you from door to door.
Flat Bed
Nu Day Trucking - flatbeds
When is using a flatbed truck my best option?
Flatbed trucking is the ideal mode for construction sites or shipping destinations that require quick loading and unloading for projects that have no loading dock available. There are a variety of trailer types that are designed to fit the many needs required by different shipments based on size or how they need to be loaded. Flatbed shipping can be described usually as a semi truck pulling a trailer with a bed that is typically flat and is providing a deck area that is open for freight. Nu Day Transport can execute a plan that fits your individual needs, ensuring that your most important assets are transported safely and efficiently. Matching the right flatbed truck type to the variety of load types suited for flatbed trucking is where, as our client, you benefit from our knowledge and expertise.
Nu Day Trucking - LTLs
What can I do if my shipment does not fill a full trailer?
That is what is known as "Less Than a truckLoad," or LTL. It relates to dry van freight or temperature controlled refrigerator freight. If you have this situation, you will want a transport company that has a wide network of registered trucks to increase the number of avenues available for getting your product across the country in a timely manner. Over the years Nu Day Transport has developed a network of carriers that can deliver anywhere in the 48 States. We welcome the challenge of finding the best routes and arranging the most cost effective transport for your product.
Are you looking for a more reliable freight service?
Welcome to Nu Day! We are a trucking freight brokerage, providing services from coast to coast of this great country. We will find you the most reliable transportation at a reasonable cost. I have personally been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. I have the expertise in the truckload industry as well as the consolidated LTL market. We have a multitude of carriers who are experienced in dry and refrigerated shipments. We understand the importance of having your shipments picked up and delivered in a timely manner and we are committed to see that achieved. I believe it is important that business associations are built on integrity and developing long term relationships. Nu Day is committed to that philosophy.

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